KITCHEN renovations

The most obvious feature of any kitchen is that it’s used for preparing meals. But a kitchen is much more than just that. It’s also a place where you can hang out with your family or friends, sip wine or coffee, or host a party.

If you want to completely renovate the kitchen, it will take a lot of careful planning of where to put each piece of equipment and furniture. Shiba Renovations Company can help you create a completely new layout of your kitchen, make it more functional, and more space-efficient.

Depending on your family’s lifestyle and the number of family members, we can suggest the most effective technological solutions and materials that will fit your needs the best. It’s not the same if you’re a single guy who just wants a basic kitchen for preparing simple meals, or a housewife with five kids. We’ve been renovating kitchens over 10 years now and have seen every possible type of kitchen there is. Such an extensive experience allows us to accommodate your wishes to the full extent.

Our kitchen renovation services include:

Removing old tiles and anything you no longer want in your kitchen
Replacing or renewing your kitchen furniture, doors and windows
Replacing plumbings and wirings with modern materials
Laying out new tiles
Painting walls and the ceiling
Installing sinks, faucets, stoves, and other equipment

Depending on the possibilities, we can even merge your kitchen with the living room, creating one huge area. However your dream kitchen looks like, we can make it real.

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