Painting is the final touch of renovating your house or condo. Thoughts about aesthetic appearance of your walls come to mind only when you resolve all other issues. Painting the interior decoration is a very demanding and complex task which can make or break a new room. New paint on the walls completely changes the appearance and feel of the room, giving it a fresh new look. A professionally done job can not only cover up any possible weaknesses in the area, but it can also highlight the virtues of the walls and the ceiling.

Many people think that painting walls is easy. And while it’s true that literally anyone can pick up a roller and start painting walls, creating a perfectly painted wall, without ruining anything is a whole different story. The consequences of an independent painting can end in a disaster, because the slightest mistake will cost you time and money. Painting requires a lot of preparations, which must be very accurate and professional, to create a long-lasting effect.

There is no paint, wallpaper, or a tile that you can put on a wall or surface that has grease or dirt on it. Also, no paint will stick on a wall if the old paint is still on it. Preparing the walls for painting require almost the same amount of time as the painting itself. So why not leave it to us, the professionals who know what they’re doing and have been doing it for over 10 years now?

Shiba Renovations Company will make all the necessary preparations, guard your possessions against the paint by covering everything in nylon, remove old paint from the walls, fix any imperfection and make the walls as smooth as possible and ready to receive a transformation.

The cost of your project depends on its complexity, and will range from $ 500 to $ 10,000. Our specialists will contact you to discuss the order at any time convenient for you!

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